Process of Publishing Process Research Workshop at 2014 SMS Conference


Saturday, September 20th, 2014

Noon-4 pm

Co-Sponsored by the Strategy Process IG and Research Methods Community


Organizers: Dries Faems, University of Groningen and

Adelaide Wilcox King, University of Virginia


Panelists: Mike Wright, Steve Floyd, Steven Si, Sharon Alvarez, Petra Andries, Laurent Mirabeau


Please join us for “The Process of Publishing Process Research: Journeying Along the (sometimes bumpy but ultimately successful) Paths to Publication” and get the opportunity to receive feedback from journal editors on your current research!


The objective of this workshop is to offer an interactive session that provides insights that engage scholars throughout SMS who are (or may be) interested in publishing rigorous and impactful process research.


The workshop starts with lunch, which includes networking and an overview of the goals of the afternoon.  We will divide by areas of interest, and participants will have the opportunity to present their current work on process research in breakout sessions, providing them the opportunity to get feedback from seminal authors and current and former editors of journals such as AMR, JMS, SMJ, SEJ, and JBV.


Next, we will have three sequential panels, consisting of both editors (SMJ, SEJ, JBV) and authors of recently published process papers that represent a variety of content areas and methodologies.  For each panel, the author will briefly walk through his or her journey from submission to acceptance.  The editor will share his perspective on the process from ‘the other side,’ as well as reflect on how this paper is distinctive or similar to others they know based on their considerable editorial and publishing experience.


At the end of the session, there is time for networking, while enjoying delicious Spanish appetizers!


  • Lunch and Breakout Sessions
    • Introductions and Overview
    • Breakout sessions by topics of interests, including feedback from editors (panelists and other invited current/former journal editors) on 1 page paper proposals
  • Editor and Author Panels (3 sequential panels, each discussing one paper)
  • Q&A with all panel participants and reflections about the publication process
  • Appetizers and networking


Editor Panelists:


Mike Wright, Co-Editor Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal

Professor of Entrepreneurship at Imperial College Business School and Director of the Centre for Management Buyout Research, Imperial College London


Steven Floyd, Associate Editor, Strategic Management Journal

Isenberg Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts – Amherst


Steven Si, Special Issue Editor for Journal of Business Venturing

Professor of Management, Zhejiang University.


Author Panelist:


Sharon Alvarez, Walter Koch Chair of Entrepreneurship, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver, Associate Editor, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal


Petra Andries, Department of Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Ghent University


Laurent Mirabeau, Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario Canada


We welcome all SMS members. To facilitate planning, please pre-register by sending an email to or by September 5th, 2014. Please include a short CV (maximum one page) that provides a description of your research interests. Regarding the author/editor panels, participants will be provided access to the names of the published papers, copies of the original submissions and the correspondence between the editors, reviewers and authors.


If you want to receive editorial feedback on your current process research, please also include an abstract (one page limit) that briefly describes (i) your core research question, (ii) the theoretical framing that you want to apply, and (iii) your methodological approach.




Website coordinators: Andrew H. Van de Ven, Harry Sminia, Jennifer Howard-Grenville