Process Research Musings

Process Research Musings are short and concise entries on process methods, methodologies and various other process research subjects. They are written by practicing process research scholars on the basis of their own experience. They provide pointers on how process research can be done and what things there are to consider.

Suggestions and contributions are welcome. If you would like to see a particular issue to become a topic of a process research musing, or if you would like to make a contribution yourself, contact Harry.

There are musings available about:

Event Structure Analysis by Harry Sminia

Grounded Theory Building in Process Research by Harry Sminia

Ruminations on Process: Four Metatheoretical Perspectives on Process by Raghu Garud

The Brief Question Approach by Benyamin Lichtenstein

The Listening, Observing And Tracing Strategy by Carlo Mari and Olimpia Meglio

Types of Process Research Explanations by Harry Sminia

Using NVivo in Process Research by Jane Lê

Bracketing off the actors: Towards an action-centric research agenda by Brian Pentland

Making sense of ‘Large Phenomena’ from a practice-based perspective by Davide Nicolini