Past PDW’s

Ann Langley, “Process Research Methods“*

*Presented at AOM 2016 for a session titled “Theory-Method Packages: A Comparison of Three Qualitative Approaches to Theory Building”.

2017 Presentations

Representing Process in Process Research

Rebecca Bednarek Birkbeck “Methods for Tracking Large-Scale Phenomena and their connections-in-action

Daniel Geiger and Anja Danner-Schröder “Time in the Making: Connecting micro with macro changes in the construction of time

Davide Nicolini “How to study the connections between practices

Brian Pentland “Poetics of process: Finding rhythm and rhyme in processual phenomena using ThreadNet


AOM 2016

2016 Presentations

Representing Process in Process Research

Hans Berends, “Composing Qualitative Process Research

Martha Feldman, “Beyond Entities: Challenges and Potentialities

Jane Lê, “The Process of Visualization

Paul Spee, “Taking a Strong Process Approach to Analyzing Qualitative Process Data

AOM 2015

2015 Presentations

Using Tensions and Contradictions to Advance Process Research

Moshe Farjoun, “Dialectics, Contradictions, and Process Research

Elaine Hollensbe

Glen Kreiner, “Identity Elasticity: Studying Process & Content Together

Wendy Smith, Paradox

Marya Besharov, “Lessons Learned from Studying Competing Social and Business Demands in Organizations

Paula Jarzabkowski

2014 AOM title bar

2014 Presentations

Ulrike Schultze

Curtis LeBaron

Russel Funk

Spencer Harrison

Andy Van de Ven

2012 Presentations

Paula Jarzabkowski, “Publishing Process Research in AMJ” PDW 2012 Intro

Jaco Lok & Mark de Rond, “The Process of Publishing Ethnographic Process Research” Process of Publishing

Patricia Klarner & Sebastian Raisch, “Move to the Beat: Rhythms of Change and Firm Performance” Rhythms of Change

2011 Presentations

Paula Jarzabkowski, “Following Emergence in Process Research: Conceptual Frameworks and Methodological Approaches”  PDW 2011 Intro

Paul Leonardi, “When Flexible Routines Meet Flexible Technologies” Flexible Technologies

Raghu Garud, “Ruminations on Process”  Ruminations on Process

2010 Presentations

Ann Langley, “Doing, Writing and Publishing Process Research Introduction” PDW 2010 Intro

Tor Hernes, “Process Epistemology” Process Epistemology

Paula Jarzabkowski, “Shaping Strategy as a Structuration Process” AMJ paper

Scott Sonenshein, “Doing, Writing and Publishing Process Research: A Recent Example” AMJ paper

Karen Golden-Biddle, “Representing process research in journal articles”  Representing process research

2009 Presentations

Ann Langley, “Process Research Methods Workshop Introduction” Langley-Process PDW Intro 09

Martha Feldman, “Analyzing for Process” Feldman 09AOM ProcessPDW

Jennifer Howard-Grenville, “The Practice of Process Research” Howard-Grenville Process PDW 09

Haridimos Tsoukas, “The Theory of Process Reseach: Epistemological Issues” Tsoukas process theory 09PDW

2008 Presentations

Robert A. Burgelman, “Matching Internal and External Ecological Dynamics: The Role of the Strategy-Making Process for Organizational Longevity” Matching Internal and External Ecological Dynamics

Marshall Scott Poole, “The Study of Process in Organizational Research” The Study of Process in Organizational Research

2007 Presentations

Andrew Van de Ven, “PDW Introduction” PDW Intro

Andrew Van de Ven, “Engaged Scholarship: A Guide for Organizational and Social Research” Engaged Scholarship

Paula Jarzabkowski, “Process Analysis: Getting Your Hands Dirty” Process Analysis

Ann Langley, “Process Thinking in Strategic Organization” Process Thinking

Andrew Pettigrew, “Contextual Models of Process” Contextual Models of Process

Andrew Pettigrew, “What is Processual Analysis?” What is Processual Analysis?

Harry Sminia, “Practices of Process Research in Strategic Management” Practices of Process Research

Harry Sminia, “The Wrap Up” The Wrap Up

2006 Presentations

“Process Research Workshop: A Spectrum of Methods” PDW 2006 Intro

Andrew M. Pettigrew, “Contextual Models of Process” Contextual Models

Clive Smallman, “Discussing Empirical Organization Process Studies: A Summary of Key Design Issues” Discussing Empirical Organization

Andrew H. Van de Ven, “Designing Process Research Studies” Process Research

Brian T. Pentland, “Narrative Models of Organizational Processes” Narrative Models

Ann Langley, “Qualitative Methods for Analyzing Process Data” Qualitative Methods

Kevin Dooley, “Telling Stories with Time Series Data” Telling Stories

Daniel Robey, “Cross-Level Process Theory” Cross Level

AOM 2005

2005 Presentations

Scott Poole, “Process Research Epistemology” Poole Part I Poole Part II  Poole Part III

Andrew H. Van de Ven, “Designing Process Research Studies”

Ann Langley, “Qualitative Methods for Analyzing Process Data”

Kevin Dooley, “Quantitative Methods for Analyzing Process Data”

AOM Process Workshop

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