Upcoming Conferences & Workshop

AOM Annual Meeting – Vancouver, CA – August 7-11, 2015

Fifth International Symposium on Process Organization Studies  –  Theme: The Emergence of Novelty in Organizations

Call for Papers (.doc)

Past Conferences & Workshops

Process of Publishing Process Research Workshop at SMS Conference
Madrid Saturday, September 20th, 2014

2014 AOM Conference
Philadelphia, PA – August 1-5

2013 AOM Conference
Lake Buena Vista, FL – August 9-13

2012 AOM Conference
Boston, Massachusetts –  August 3-7

2012 EGOS Conference
Helsinki, Finland – July 5-7, 2012

2012 Strategic Management Society Conferences

2011 AOM Conference
AOM  San Antonio, Texas

2010 AOM Conference
AOM Montreal, Canada

2009 AOM Conference
AOM  Chicago, IL

2008 AOM Conference
AOM  Anaheim, CA

2007 AOM Conference
AOM  Philadelphia, PA

2006 AOM Conference
AOM  Atlanta, GA

4th International Symposium on Process Organization Studies, Theme: Language and Communication @ Work: Discourse, Narrativity and Organizing
Kos, Greece – June 21-23, 2012

3rd International Process Symposium: How Matter Matters: Objects, Artifacts and Materiality in Organization Studies Corfu, Greece – June 16-18, 2011

2nd International Symposium on Process Organization Studies, Theme: Constructing Identity In and Around Organizations
Rhodes, Greece – June 11-13, 2010 


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