This process research methods website is dedicated to advancing research on process of continuity and change in individuals and organizations. Its purpose is to provide a resource for researchers who want to investigate processes utilizing process methods and methodologies.

There are a number of features available. The process literature page opens up a wealth of reading suggestions. Process research musings are short and concise entries on process methods and methodologies, written by practicing process research scholars.  The conferences page provides an overview of upcoming opportunities to submit and present process research work as well as links to past conferences and workshops. The PDW page refers to the past and upcoming professional development workshops at the Annual Academy of Management Meeting. The Academy of Management has allowed a PDW on process methods to take place for a number of years now.


Coordinators of this website are:

Andrew H. Van de Ven
Harry Sminia
Jennifer Howard-Grenville

Process is fundamental: The river is not an object but an ever-changing flow; the sun is not a thing, but a flaming fire. Everything in nature is a matter of process, of activity, of change. –Rescher, 1996 (image source)



Website coordinators: Andrew H. Van de Ven, Harry Sminia, Jennifer Howard-Grenville